Hey Isabella, it's obvious that you write clearly and think deeply. I've been doing my own writing on similar subjects and would be very interested in your thoughts. I trust that this won't come off as too adversarial, but it concerns me that elites like you and I (and that is what we are) are very comfortable calling out issues of identity (race, gender, etc.) but are much more uncomfortable addressing the power and privilege derived from our careers. For example, it's important to help your friend who grew up poor navigate ordering at a restaurant, but how much did Bain play a role in the fact that she grew up poor at all? MBB consulting arguably helped to shrink the middle class in the West, and Bain disproportionately serves the private equity industry that has caused so much damage to working class people. Are we so focused on micro-aggressions over macroeconomics that we blind ourselves to the systems of economic extraction that we enthusiastically participate in every day? What can we do to counter the negative impact of our careers, not just our words and actions?

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