About me

My name is Isabella Chiu.

I wear many hats. 

First and foremost, I am a lover of food. I love most things related to food, whether it’s eating, cooking, grocery shopping, or just browsing beautiful food photos. For the past few years, my go-to activity has been hunting for the best croissant wherever I find myself.

But also, I am the proud self-published author of Let’s Get Boba! Prior to embarking on my adult gap year in October 2023, I was part of the Founding and Executive team at TestBox. (Before that, I worked as a consultant at Bain.)

I started this newsletter to document and share many of the topics that I find myself teasing apart with my friends, mentors, colleagues, and acquaintances. I had the revelation that these couldn’t possibly be ponderings and challenges that were unique to us. I intersperse lifestyle tips and tricks, updates on my various hobbies, and other nuggets of thought into my “regular” content.

Happy reading – if you ever have any questions for me or topic requests, I’m all ears. Leave me a comment on any bi-weekly newsletter!

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I frequently pose this question in conversations with my friends. It's something I constantly ask myself as an Asian-Canadian navigating the world in 2023. This is a space to share my questions and ponderings that are top of mind.


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